PMC Software Charity Fundraiser

The Plan

I'm looking for donations of mac software from the developers. The donated software will be sold for charity. This is my fourth year doing this.

Most of the software will be “sold” in bundles through this web site. I say “sold” in quotes because no money actually goes through me: 100% goes to the charity (which itself is one of the most efficient charities in the world: 100% of the funds we raise go directly to cancer research and patient treatment).

Here's How It All Works

  1. bundle reviewBuyer picks apps for their bundle. When they're done, they see the contents of their bundle and the retail value, and are asked to make an offer.

  2. low bidIf the offer is too low, they're warned that the offer will probably not be accepted.

  3. offer textWhen the offer is above a minimal threshold, a text-only version is created. The buyer copies it and sends it to me in an email.

  4. I review the offer. In three years and THOUSANDS of offers, there has been no "funny business" (no cheating, knock knock), but often they come in so fast that apps sell out before I get a chance to review the offer. Other things can go wrong, too, like the offer being too low.

    If the offer can't be accepted for any reason, I write back with a counter offer or instructions.

    If the offer is accepted...

  5. When a bundle offer is accepted:

    1. The apps are reserved in my database and the bundle-builder is updated, so that sold-out apps are no longer listed.

    2. I write to the buyer with instructions. “Purchasing” the bundle involves going to the official PMC web site, making a charitable donation in the agreed amount, and sending me a copy of the receipt.

  6. When I receive the receipt, I send the buyer's registration information to you, the donor.

  7. You, the software donor, send the registration code or license file back to me. You can also provide me with registration codes in advance (I'll still send you buyer's registration information for your records). Some exceptions to this rule have been necessary over the years, I'm flexible.

  8. When I've received all of the registration codes for a bundle, I assemble everything into a personalized DMG including the applications and the registration codes (the codes go into an HTML file at the root of the DMG).

  9. The bundle is sent to the user... and we're done.

Last year this project raised over $14,000, when my goal was just $10,000. I have the same goal again this year.

All proceeds go directly to the Pan-Mass Challenge and the Jimmy Fund, for the research and treatment of cancer at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The Pan-Mass Challenge is one of the most efficient charities in the world (100% of all rider-raised funds are passed through directly to the Jimmy Fund). I won't make a penny from any of this.

Please help me to make these auctions irresistible! I'd like to have hundreds of different titles. I won't say no to the donations of any reputable mac apps until I've met my goal.

To my friends, peers, and heroes in the industry: are you willing to step up and donate some software? Please contact me, ASAP. I'd like to start the auctions in early August, but I need your help.

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