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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009 PMC Software Bundle Builder is LIVE NOW

At long last, we're ready to start selling the bundles.

That plaintive cry you hear is the dying whimper of the next two weeks of my life, as I try to deal with all the email this project generates.

Ready? Go!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To-Do List

With all the delays, I'm getting lots of questions about when the bundle sales will start. Since I'm always wrong about days/times, I'm going to list here the things that must be done first. When the last item on the list is done, the sales will have started.

Please remember that I'm not working on this stuff full time.

  • ✓ Finish moving the company servers to their new IP address.

  • ✓ Write to last year's donors, let them know that I'm doing it again this year, and that I'd love to hear from them again. More software available means more bundles sold and more money raised.

  • ✓ Import all the new donation data into my private app that manages all the donations, donors, bundles, buyers, etc. This will take a few hours.

  • ✓ Update the design of the Bundle Builder page, slightly. Need to have one section for iPhone apps and one for Mac apps. (Not a single web-only app was donated, in spite of a few promises.) This may actually turn into two separate pages, not sure.

  • ✓ Update the logic that tells the buyer when their offer is unacceptable. It was too permissive last year, so I spent too much time telling buyers they'd have to offer more.

  • Turn it on! (And let everybody know about it.)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bundles Delayed by a Few Days

The bundles were supposed to start selling today (Wednesday), but our colocation service (the place where all of Macrobyte's servers live) is having some major issues. Seth's company has been with them for most of the last ten years, but this current round of problems is straining his loyalty to its limits.

So, please be patient everybody. Bundles will go on sale ASAP.


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