PMC Software Charity Fundraiser

Donor Guide

Here's how the system works, from the software donor's perspective (that's you, hopefully):


  1. First, you join the siteonly app donors

  2. Second, donate some software

    (It’s as simple as describing the app, telling me how many I can have, and uploading your icon.)

  3. Repeat step 2 for every app (title) you're donating.

  4. Make sure these two email addresses can get through your spam filters: and

    Consider following @sethdill on Twitter. I talk about the project a lot.

  5. Tell others about it! Tweet it, blog it, mow the URL into someone's lawn, or send up smoke signals. Whatever, I need donors.

After a Sale

  1. When a bundle is “sold”?, we'll send you the registration information for your records.

  2. If you have not provided registration codes (serial numbers) in advance, send one ASAP.

    There are always exceptions, but they make my life more difficult.

  3. After I’ve received everything, I assemble a .dmg bundle with all of the apps and registration codes, and send it to the “buyer”?. All Done!

For more details on how the “sale”? process works, see the plan.

Other Important Points

  • Auctions and bundle “sales” will start as soon as there have been enough donations! I'd like to start in July.

  • End result:

    • “buyers”? aren't flooded with software-registration email because you send registration codes to me
    • you (the developer) have all of the registration info for handling updates/upgrades, lost keys, etc

    Every year, some special cases have been necessary. Some donors actually send retail boxes to the “buyers”?, and some have fully automated systems that don't allow the registration codes to go to me if I'm not the software registrant. It's ok! We can live with the exceptions.

  • Here's the full list of donors and donated software (updated regularly).

  • I also accept boxed retail copies! In both 2007 and 2008, for example, an Adobe employee donated a copy of Flash CS3.

  • Why are “sold” and “buyer” in quotes?

    That's because I'm not actually selling anything, and nobody's actually buying anything. The “buyers” are actually making donations to the PMC (the cancer charity) through my fund-raising account, and I'm giving them some software (which you the app-donors have given to me) as a thank-you gift.

    Since I don't work for the Pan-Mass Challenge (as an employee or whatever), this gift-giving is all legitimate and quite literal.

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