PMC Software Charity Fundraiser


Donor Application How Many? Platform Description Retail Val.
Agile Web Solutions, Inc. 1Password 20  Mac OS X [passwords, security, formfill] 1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.

eCOMPOSITE 321Run 20  iPhone [run, health, fitness]

A running coach for casual runners: get some help getting out of the couch and get healthier by having trainings and reviewing your runs.

Training programs include from couch to 5km and a weight loss program.

Requires iPhone with GPS.

Flying Meat Acorn Mac OS X

Acorn is an innovative image editor built with simplicity in mind. Fast, easy, and fluid, Acorn provides the tools you need to alter and enhance your images, without any overhead. Acorn feels right, it won't drain your bank account, and you don't need a Ph.D. in computer graphics to use it. 

Houdah Software ACTCurrency 10+ iPhone [iphone currency convert exchange]

ACTCurrency is a universal currency converter. It is your ultimate travel companion.

ACTCurrency automatically retrieves daily exchange rates for 190+ world currencies. You may add more currencies as needed. For these you will need to manually enter exchange rates.

Houdah Software ACTPrinter 10+ iPhone [iphone print pdf]

ACTPrinter allows you to "print" any document from your Mac to you iPhone or iPod Touch. Finally your documents travel with you!

Houdah Software ACTSudoku 10+ iPhone [iphone game sudoku unlimited] ACTSudoku is the best Sudoku game for iPhone & iPod Touch. Compare and buy in confidence.

Rogue Amoeba Airfoil 5+ Mac OS X [AirTunes airport express] Send any audio to the AirPort Express. Send any audio to AirPort Express units, Apple TVs, and even other Macs and PCs, all in sync! Airfoil for Mac gives you your audio - everywhere.

NovaStorm Software AquaPrompt 10  Mac OS X [TelePrompTer] AquaPrompt is a fast, flexible, easy-to-use TelePrompTer that includes the features you need in a simple package at a price that's impossible to beat.
Ambrosia Software, Inc. Aquaria Mac OS X [underwater side scrolling 2D adventure] Winner of the 2007 Independent Games Festival's Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Aquaria is an action-oriented, non-linear side-scrolling game that uses an innovative and intuitive mouse control system. Its hand-crafted artwork and original music will immerse you in beautiful and ethereal environments.
Stormy Productions Artificial Life 10+ iPhone Oddly hypnotic and relaxing, Artificial Life is a simulation of the growth and evolution of microorganisms.
David M. Reed Software Attendance 10+ iPhone [attendance education] Take attendance with your iPhone. Import from AddressBook groups, take photos for use in the app, email yourself a .csv attachment for importing into a spreadsheet with full records.
Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack Pro 5+ Mac OS X [audio record hijack radio music] Record any audio - three simple words to explain Audio Hijack Pro. Record from applications like iTunes, Skype or DVD Player. Record from microphones, Radiosharks and other hardware. If you hear it, you can record it.

Koolistov BabyPhone 25  iPhone

With BabyPhone you now have a great way to have peace of mind as your baby sleeps. It will warn you when it detects your baby is crying.

The Dreaming Phone Battery Bulb 20  iPhone [iphone battery]

Battery Bulb minimizes your time spent charging and maximizes your battery life.

Bare Bones Software, Inc. BBEdit 5+ Mac OS X [bbedit text editor html ] BBEdit is the leading text, code, and HTML editor for Mac OS X.
Bee Docs Bee Docs Timeline 3D Mac OS X [Mac Software, Timeline Software, 3D Timeline, Timeline for Mac OS X, Bee Docs, Bee Docs Timeline] Create elegant 3D timelines that present historical events in a way that reveals connections and clarifies relationships. Bee Docs Timeline 3D allows you to present the details in your timelines as well as the surrounding historical events as context.
MacItBetter BetterZip 10+ Mac OS X [archiving, compression, zip, rar]

BetterZip lets you quickly inspect archives without first extracting their contents. You can add or extract files via drag-and-drop, delete files from archives, rename files, and create new folders inside the archive. 

Red Sweater Software Black Ink 5+ Mac OS X [crossword, puzzles]

Solve Crossword Puzzles With Style.

Everything you need to download, solve, and print puzzles.

Dejal BlogAssist 10+ Mac OS X [blog, HTML, tag, markup] A handy tool to help blog and website editing by making HTML markup easier.

Bruji Bookpedia 5+ Mac OS X [book catalog, book collection, book database]
Whether books line every wall of your house or barely fill one shelf, Bookpedia is the perfect application to help you keep track of them. Entering the information for each book is fast and easy because the program retrieves all the information from the Internet for you.
Dejal Caboodle 10+ Mac OS X [snippet, text, PDF, collect, organize] Everyone comes across information that they want to refer to later. Maybe gifts you've received or sent, product serial numbers, recipes, directions to someone's house, a photo of your pet, or anything else. Dejal Caboodle is a tool to help store and organize such varied bits of information, with a unique organization where any entry can contain other entries, which inherit their parent's attributes.
SuperMegaUltraGroovy Capo 10+ Mac OS X [capo guitar learn music ear] Capo helps musicians learn their favorite music by ear. By slowing down and not altering the pitch of songs in your iTunes collection, Capo allows you to clearly hear what's going on, and figure it out on your own.

Bruji CDpedia 5+ Mac OS X [cd catalog, cd database, cd collection] CDpedia helps you organize your CD database: it retrieves information about your CDs automatically from the Internet, lets you organize the entries into collections and integrates with iTunes to let you know which CDs or single songs you have imported already.
Connected Flow Changes Mac OS X [diff directory] Changes is a powerful file and folder comparison tool. It can diff and merge directories and text files.
Red Sweater Software Clarion 5+ Mac OS X [music, education, intervals, pitch]

Fine-tune your musical ear.

A customizable quiz partner for interval ear training.

Riverfold Software Clipstart 5+ Mac OS X [video, iphone, 3gs, flickr, vimeo, youtube] Clipstart complements your photo application to give you a place that is designed for home movies. Import your videos, tag, search, and upload with one click to Flickr, Vimeo, and YouTube.
M Cubed Software Code Collector Pro 10+ Mac OS X [development code snippets] Code Collector Pro is the best way to organise, access and share your code snippets on your Mac
Infinite Nexus Software Compare Folders 10+ Mac OS X [utility folders comparison system filemanagement] Compare Folders is a timesaver. Its sole purpose is to make it easier to see the differences between two folders, whether it's an older copy of a folder you just found or two completely different folders, and then work with the sorted results.
roobasoft, LLC Concentrate 5+ Mac OS X [distractions, concentrate, focus] Concentrate helps you work and study more productively by eliminating distractions.
Felt Tip Inc. Couch to 5K 10+ iPhone [running, coach, c25k, couch to 5k] This workout training coach will help you get into shape using the C25K system, a series of interval workouts spanning 9 weeks, culminating in your ability to run 5 km (3.1 miles) without stopping or walking.
Sophiestication Software CoverSutra 25+ Mac OS X [iTunes Controller] CoverSutra gives you a handy and attractive way to control iTunes without having to leave your current application.
Stand Alone, Inc. Crosswords 10+ iPhone Play and solve Crossword puzzles on your iPhone or iPod touch. New puzzles available each day from papers around the world

Edovia Inc. Currencies 20  iPhone [currency converter]

Who ever said currency conversion had to be boring and ugly?

Currencies lets you convert with style over 130 units. Currency conversion has never been easier and faster!

JNSoftware LLC DayliteABMenu Mac OS X [address book menu daylite] System-wide Marketcircle Daylite address book menu.
St. Clair Software Default Folder X 5+ [open, save, dialog, navigation, spotlight, preview] Enhances all of your Open and Save dialogs to speed navigation and give you previews, spotlight tagging and file management where you need it.
Delicious Monster Software Delicious Library 2 Mac OS X Catalog your books, movies, music, software, toys, tools, electronics, & video games.
DEVONtechnologies, LLC DEVONthink Pro plus DEVONagent Mac OS X [document management, database, research, science]

DEVONthink is the one database for all your digital files, a practical, powerful document manager that uses built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI). DEVONagent provides meaningful answers to your questions by making sense of the results provided by popular search engines.

This package of two applications goes by the retail name, “Infoworker's Pro Bundle.”

JNSoftware LLC Dialectic Mac OS X [phone address book dialer]

Scriptable phone dialer and system-wide address book menu.

SmileOnMyMac DiscLabel 5+ Mac OS X [cd/dvd label design, printing, jewel case inserts] Design and print professional-looking CD/DVD labels and packaging with DiscLabel. Works with almost all paper labels, as well as direct-to-CD printers and LightScribe.

AwesomeTaylor Discounted iPhone Discounted is the beautiful, most functional and most powerful shopping calculator available for the iPhone.
Obvious Matter DiskLibrary 25+ Mac OS X [disk cataloging library] DiskLibrary is a fun and easy to use disk cataloging application for Mac OS X. DiskLibrary is indispensable if you have a lot of media to keep track of.
One-Button Mouse DomainBrain Mac OS X [internet domain utility web data] DomainBrain is a handy tool for Mac OS X that helps webmasters and web designers keep track of server and login information for websites they maintain.
RAGE Software Domainer 20+ [domain, seo, google, yahoo, domain management] Track, manage, and find profitable domain names. Learn why competitors are outranking you and discover important SEO details including PageRank, AlexaRank, incoming links, and social tags for all of your websites. Domainer lets you keep all your domain information in one central location.
Echo One DoubleTake 10  Mac OS X [photo, stitch, panorama] DoubleTake is the "Nano" of panorama stitching software. Simple and fast. 
Stunt Software Downsize 5+ Mac OS X [Batch Image Processing] Downsize is a utility that allows prepares images for the web by resizing, adding watermarks, frames, and drop shadows.

TLA Systems Ltd DragThing Mac OS X [dock, launcher] The original dock designed to tidy up your Macintosh desktop. It puts all your documents, folders, and applications just a single click away. Highly flexible, it allows multiple docks, each customised to suit your exact needs.
C-Command Software DropDMG 10+ Mac OS X [dmg zip archive encrypt burn cd dvd disk image] Utility. Powerful tool for creating disk image files. I use this all the time. :-)
Bruji DVDpedia 5+ Mac OS X [dvd collection, dvd catalog, dvd database] DVDpedia is a movie cataloging application for Mac OS X. To save you time and effort, it retrieves all the information from the Internet via keyword or UPC scan, so you have time for more important things, like watching movies.

C-Command Software EagleFiler 10+ Mac OS X [email mail archive web pdf search organize]

Organize, search, and archive your mail, Web pages, files, and miscellaneous scraps of information.

NovaStorm Software EasyGPA 10  iPhone [GPA calculator education] EasyGPA iPhone is a fast, simple GPA calculator.  It seamlessly integrates a dedicated web browser so you can access grading sites without switching back and forth between EasyGPA and Safari.  And you can customize the GPA scale for your school.  Always know where you stand!
App-Kainime EleMints 40  iPhone [Periodic Table, Elements, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Education, Reference] EleMints is one of the best periodic tables for the iPhone, offering a wealth of information and tools for any student, teacher, or researcher.
JNSoftware LLC EntourageABMenu Mac OS X [address book menu entourage] System-wide Microsoft Entourage address book menu.
Ambrosia Software, Inc. EV Nova Mac OS X [space action game] EV Nova is the third game in the Escape Velocity series, and is by far the most ambitious installment to date. With a completely redesigned gaming engine, EV Nova thrusts you into a sprawling universe dominated by a myriad of warring factions, each sharing a common bond, but so philosophically different as to make conflict inevitable.
Azure Talon Exces 20+ Mac OS X [encryption security vault safe]

Find yourself needing to protect secret files? Need to hide those love letters from your past loved one? Or maybe you need to hide those invoices your little sister keeps fiddling with.

We've got your solution.

Exces. Simple, pretty, secure. Exces allows you to protect your precious files with the click of a button. Just pick a password, lock, and you're good to go. Exces uses the strong, uncracked AES encryption standard.

Red Sweater Software FastScripts 5+ Mac OS X [scripts, applescript, keyboard shortcut, productivity]

Powerful script management utility.

Instant access to your scripts, by keyboard shortcut or menubar.

Koolistov Fertility 25  iPhone

Keep track of your menstrual cycle using this easy-to-use application. 'Fertility' can help you wether you want to avoid pregnancy or are looking to conceive.

Fetch Softworks Fetch 5+ Mac OS X [FTP SFTP] Fetch is the original file transfer client for the Apple Macintosh, with support for FTP and SFTP and a user interface that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use.

MindVision Software - eSellerate FileStorm Pro Mac OS X

FileStorm Pro takes advantage of the latest advancements in OS X to offer a rich WYSIWYG user interface to create customized disk image files (.dmg files) for delivering software products via the Internet. In addition, the built-in CD burning capabilities allow the developer to seamlessly create CD-ROMs from disk images. Installers can also be created using FileStorm Pro.

Rogue Amoeba Fission 5+ Mac OS X [audio editing audio hijack pro music lossless] Edit audio in minutes, not hours. With Fission's streamlined audio editing, you can quickly copy, paste and trim audio, as well as split files. Fission also works with compressed MP3 and AAC formats to edit without the quality loss caused by other editors. Get perfect quality audio when editing natively in the MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV formats.
Red Sweater Software FlexTime 5+ Mac OS X [productivity, lifehack, gtd]

You've got loads of time. Spend it wisely.

A versatile timer for your repetitive activities.

Extendmac Flow 10+ Mac OS X [FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, iDisk, AmazonS3, S3, File transfer]

Elegant, intuitive and powerful file transfer.

Flow brings the best of the Mac to your server's files and folders. Put simply, Flow makes working remotely every bit as intuitive and natural as working locally with the Finder. Flow supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and MobileMe iDisk.

The Escapers Flux 10  [Flux,CSS, Web Design,HTML] Flux is an advanced WYSIWYG Web design application that uses CSS and HTML to create stunning websites.
Flying Meat FlySketch Mac OS X When called upon, FlySketch will show its main drawing window above all other windows in the system. Change the transparency of the canvas, and you can trace, draw over, highlight, and capture just about anything that shows up behind FlySketch.
Daniel Byon Formulus - Formulas for Calculus 10  iPhone [formula, math, calculus, algebra, trigonometry] Need to study for that next calculus test? Formulus is the perfect, easy to use study/reference tool for the calculus student!
The Iconfactory Frenzic for iPhone iPhone A fast-paced puzzle game available for Mac OS X, iPhone and iPod touch. Frenzic gets your pulse pounding, neurons firing and makes Tetris look like child's play.

The Iconfactory Frenzic for Mac Mac OS X A fast-paced puzzle game available for Mac OS X, iPhone and iPod touch. Frenzic gets your pulse pounding, neurons firing and makes Tetris look like child's play.

Ohanaware Funtastic Photos Mac OS X [photo editing, enhancing, effects, images, graphics] The fun photo editor, with tons of special effects, printing projects, online sharing and non-permenant.
Bruji Gamepedia 5+ Mac OS X [video game collection, game database, game catalog] From Pong to Halo 2, Atari to PS3, Beginner Level to Master Chief - Gamepedia is a game cataloging application for everyone running Mac OS X. It lets you keep track of your game progress, where your games are and which ones you want to buy in the future.
iwascoding GaragePay Mac OS X [PayPal] GaragePay lets you download, view, search and archive all your PayPal transactions without having to log into the PayPal website. It handles incoming as well as outgoing money transfers.
iwascoding GarageSale Mac OS X [eBay] GarageSale is a slick, full-featured client application for the eBay online auction system. With GarageSale Mac OS X users can edit, track and manage all their auctions with one single application - easily and fast.
App Cubby Gas Cubby 25  iPhone [iPhone, MPG, Gas, Maintenance, Vehicle] Sensible Car Care. Gas Cubby is the ultimate tool for tracking gas mileage and vehicle maintenance. Whether you're a hypermiler, or just want a reminder to change the oil, Gas Cubby will help save you money and keep your vehicle operating at its peak.

Calf Trail Software, LLC Geotagalog 10+ Mac OS X [gps geotagging raw photo jpeg exif geotag iphoto]

Location-enable your favorite digital camera just by carrying a GPS logger! Geotagalog makes it easy to geotag photos as you import them into iPhoto. Open a tracklog, connect your camera, and you're nearly done.

Koolistov GradeTracker 25  iPhone

GradeTracker is a handy tool for students to keep track of their grades and their GPA.

Sophiestication Software Groceries 25+ iPhone [Groceries Grocery Shopping List]

Say goodbye to boring grocery planning and chaotic shopping lists. Simply select items from hundreds of ready-made groceries, find specific brands from thousands of products or add new items in an instant. Optionally organize your items by aisle and let Groceries navigate you through the supermarket. Compose your list on your iPhone and send it over standard Email to your partner who does the shopping.

Whatever you need to buy: Groceries manages what belongs on a shopping list and adds features that really make sense and fun.

In the supermarket, Groceries gives you a beautiful yet simple to use shopping list to quickly cross items off as you add them to your cart.

Koolistov Hail Mary 25  iPhone

Pray the rosary on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Noodlesoft, LLC Hazel (Family Pack) 5+ Mac OS X [organization, cleaning, filing, uninstaller]

Hazel is your personal housekeeper, organizing and cleaning folders based on rules you define. Hazel also manages your trash and uninstalls applications.

This item is good for up to five members of a private household (5-seat family pack).

App Cubby Health Cubby 25  iPhone [iPhone, Health, Weight Loss, Fitness, Social, Goals] Social Fitness. Health Cubby helps you set simple, realistic goals then let's you track your progress in reaching those goals and team up with friends to stay motivated.

Helium Foot Software Highbrow 10  Mac OS X Highbrow enables anyone to utilize each installed web browser more effectively on your Mac by eliminating the annoyances that arise from using multiple web browsers.
Houdah Software HoudahGeo 10+ Mac OS X [photo, exif, xmp, tag, gps, tag]

With HoudahGeo you may "pin" photos to locations where they were taken.

Just like an expensive GPS camera, HoudahGeo may store latitude, longitude and altitude information right within the image file - invisibly with no loss of quality. HoudahGeo writes EXIF, XMP and IPTC tags.

Houdah Software HoudahSpot 10+ Mac OS X [file, search, find, spotlight, sherlock]

With HoudahSpot your files are at your fingertips. Keep frequently used files within reach. Retrieve the files you didn't know you still had.

HoudahSpot is the front end most Spotlight users don't know they're missing!

invers Software iCalamus 20  Mac OS X [iCalamus DTP Publishing Photobook iPhoto] iCalamus offers an easy approach to DTP, and an excellent choice for creating simple posters, to complex magazines, scientific works and book publishing. iCalamus is a multi-lingual, frame-oriented desktop publishing solution for Mac OS X.
The Iconfactory IconBuilder Mac OS X A powerful Photoshop plug-in that makes building Macintosh and Windows based icons quick and easy. The perfect icon construction tool for creating next generation icons like those in Leopard & Vista.

BravoBug IconBurglar 10+ Mac OS X [icon extractor image tool app bundle resource examine convert] Extract the icon of any app, folder, or file on your Mac. Drag 'n drop any icon to save as PNG, ICNs, JPG, or TIFF in any size. Explore app bundles and view images, sounds, and music files.
SmackFu Productions iGotchi 25+ iPhone iGotchi is your very own interactive virtual pet for iPhone and iPod Touch. However, your iGotchi is more than just a pet, it's a companion and friend. iGotchi's are fun, entertaining and unique creatures. Your iGotchi will love you unconditionally and provide you with an endless amount of joy and happiness. Best of all, wherever you go, your iGotchi follows.
Azure Talon iLaugh 10+ iPhone [jokes entertainment iphone]

iLaugh puts a database of over 50,000 jokes in the palm of your hand. Vote on your favorite jokes, compile a list of your favorites, share jokes with your friends via Twitter and Facebook, and most importantly, have a good laugh.

With iLaugh, you have complete control over which jokes you want to read. The Categories feature gives you the ability to only read the jokes that interest you. Additionally, you can filter out adult jokes or jokes voted down by the community.

Calf Trail Software, LLC Inbugz iPhone, WWW [fogbugz, fog bugz, native client] Keep on top of your projects with Inbugz, a straightforward FogBugz client for iPhone. Respond to incoming customer emails, help your team triage tickets, and view filtered cases — all in a native interface.
Click On Tyler Incoming! 10+ Mac OS X [Twitter] Incoming! is a Twitter search client designed for power users and social media experts. It lets you cut through the noise and find the tweets that matter to you most — so you can follow your favorite topics or keep track of what users are saying about your company's products.
Mere Mortal Software Inspire Me 100+ Mac OS X [quote phrase database inspiration] Inspire Me allows users to store quotations and other phrases and display them throughout the day. A built-in web interface allows users to download additional collections of phrases free of charge from within the application.
Purgatory Design Intaglio 10  Mac OS X

Intaglio is a traditional Macintosh drawing & illustration application exclusively for Mac OS X. Patterned after the original Macintosh drawing applications, Intaglio is intuitive to beginners and familiar to traditional Macintosh users.

Nolobe Interarchy 10+ Mac OS X For 16 years Interarchy has been the leading file transfer application for the Mac. You can use Interarchy to effortlessly upload, download, edit, mirror and manage your remote files, be it via FTP, SFTP, SSH, WebDAV or Amazon S3. Interarchy makes file transfer easy.

The Dream Apps Involer 10+ Mac OS X [invoicing,invoice,involer,billing,bills,time]

Invoicing doesn't have to be tedious and boring. Involer proves that with a sleek intuitive interface that makes invoicing quick, easy and fun.

Fat Cat Software iPhoto Library Manager 10  Mac OS X [iphoto, library]

iPhoto Library Manager allows you to create multiple iPhoto libraries. You can split up your library into smaller pieces, store libraries on external drives, and much more.

SimpleTouch Software iRecorder 30+ iPhone [Recorder Voice Memo Audio]

A very quick and simple but pro quality recorder for iPhone & iPod touch. Sync recordings to any computer over Wi-Fi.

KPL Production Services, Ltd. iTC Calc iPhone [timecode video editor calculator]

iTC Calc is an incredibly timecode utility for iPhone™ and iPod™ Touch.

iTC Calc is the perfect companion for any producer, post-production producer, editor, flame or After Effect artists and everyone who need to deal with timecode and frames.

Some hightlight features: Duration Calculator, Vari-Speed Calculator, Touch History, Swipe Backspace.

KPL Production Services, Ltd. iTC Calc Light 10+ iPhone [timecode video editor calculator]

iTC Calc Light is a timecode calculator for iPhone™ and iPod™ Touch.

iTC Calc Light is the perfect calculator for any producer, post-production producer, editor, flame orAfter Effect artists and everyone who need to make quick timecode calculations.

It supports 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50 & 60 frame rate and includes an offset utility.

Ambrosia Software, Inc. iToner Mac OS X [ringtones iphone transfer edit sync] iToner enables you to quickly create and transfer ringtones for your iPhone. Simply drag and drop your audio files on iToner's window, use the sliders to edit to your desired sound clip, click Sync, and you're good to go.
Zarra Studios LLC iWeb Buddy 20+ Mac OS X [iWeb SEO] Do you like using iWeb but wished it had some advanced feature that you simply need for your website? Perhaps you want Google Analytics on your site or you want to add Social Bookmarks to your blog posts? With iWeb Buddy you can "process" the pages generated by iWeb and add those pieces of html code or javascript that you need to make your site complete.
Funnest Apps Jigometry iPhone [Jigsaw, Puzzle, Geometry, ]

Funnest Apps presents Jigometry, the unique jigsaw puzzle where you do not assemble an image with similar pieces, but a variety of shapes with individual geometric pieces.

The challenge is to assemble the "coffe stained" cardboard base using all the pieces, knowing that every one is different from another.

The player starts by choosing one of six geometric shapes and is taken to a set of six incrementally difficult levels in each shape. The pieces rotate with a double tap and are dragable to their correct spot on the table.

This is a fun and addictive game which will defy you to get your geometry straight. Give it a try…

bambooapps Keep Your Word 5+ Mac OS X, iPhone [education vocabulary flashcards study]

A Mac OS X and iPhone app designed to let language students build their own dictionaries, and memorize them thanks to its exercise modes.

Stairways Software Keyboard Maestro 5+ Mac OS X [macros utility productivity]

Keyboard Maestro is a powerful macro program for Mac OS X which has received glowing reviews. With Keyboard Maestro you can design a custom action sequence with your own shortcuts and use them at any time.

Iced Cocoa Keymote iPhone [controller, mac, keyboard, keymote] Tired of using keyboard shortcuts? Is Command+Shift+Option+J really more efficient than clicking a single button with your mouse? With Keymote, you'll never have to remember another shortcut again.Keymote creates single buttons out of complicated shortcuts and groups them by application, speeding up your productivity and boosting your workflow.
TinyPlanet Software, LLC Knapsack 10+ Mac OS X [travel, trip, planner, itinerary, checklist, map, world map]

Knapsack is the personal travel organizer for Mac OS X Leopard which allows you to plan, organize, and relive your travel adventures. Knapsack offers many user-friendly features including map pins with location postcards, a flexible itinerary planner, trip checklists, two-way iCal sync, and professional-looking printed itineraries.

MK&C Knox 10+ Mac OS X [encryption aes vault disk fde dmg sparseimage sparsebundle] As the only integrated solution for encryption and backup, Knox 1.6.3 makes securing your files easier than ever. Create as many encrypted vaults as you want, each with separate passwords. Then schedule automatic backups. You can even reformat USB sticks and external drives as encrypted Knox vaults — moving files between Macs has never been so simple and secure.
White Peak Software Inc Labor Mate 10+ iPhone [contraction timer] Labor Mate is a contraction timer for the iPhone and iPod touch that tracks a woman's labor contractions. Letter Opener 30+ Mac OS X [winmail.dat outlook] When using Apple Mail, if you've ever received an e-mail that included an attachment called winmail.dat, you know the frustration of not knowing what was sent to you. Letter Opener converts winmail.dat files on the fly, so you can actually see and use what the sender intended you to have. There's no fuss with Letter Opener, no need to drag the winmail.dat file onto another application. 
Outer Level LicenseKeeper 5+ Mac OS X [software, license, registration, serial number, organize, manage]

Stores and organizes important software license information, helping to prevent the loss of valuable software assets and making it accessible when needed most.

M Cubed Software Lighthouse Keeper 10+ Mac OS X [lighthouse issue bug tracker] Lighthouse Keeper brings the popular Lighthouse issue tracker to the desktop, bringing instant searching and offline access to your tickets
Realmac Software LittleSnapper 10+ Mac OS X [design, creative, scrapbook, websites] LittleSnapper is built to be the designer's digital scrapbook. Allowing creatives to snap, organise, edit and share screenshots and webpages that interest them, LittleSnapper is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a beautifully crafted application built to make managing screen and websnaps easy.
Well Built Software Locations 20+ iPhone [Maps GPS Bookmarks] Locations is a combination of the Maps application and address book. Store and organize locations, capture current gps coordinates, annotate with notes & pictures and more.
Houdah Software locrExplorer 10+ [iphone locr photo geotag] locrExplorer allows you to browse photos published on View nearby photos, locate photos on a map, browse friends' photos, post to Twitter…
Sandy Cove Software Logbook 50  iPhone [fuel, maintenance, vehicle, tracking ] A fuel and maintenance tracker for the iPhone. Tracks fuel fill-ups and maintenance for your vehicles.
Tim Parnell MacDust 3 25  Mac OS X [mac clean web computer usage history cache cleaner log temp removal] Check off anything you'd like cleaned and MacDust will quickly remove those files.  MacDust is designed to recover space by safely removing your files, not system files.
Mariner Software, Inc. MacJournal 10  Mac OS X [journal, diary, blogging]

MacJournal is the world's most popular journaling software for the Macintosh. Easily create a personal journal, chronicle daily ideas or events, record audio and video, even publish to a blog.

Red Sweater Software MarsEdit 5+ Mac OS X [blogging, wordpress, blogger, tumblr, client]

Powerful Blog Publishing For Your Mac.

Write, preview, and publish without a web browser.

Blue Lightning Labs Mathemagics 15+ iPhone [iphone math education ] Mathemagics is an iPhone application for learning to mentally calculate math problems at phenomenal speeds. Mathemagics contains 20 different math tricks for multiplying, dividing and squaring numbers faster than many people can use a calculator. Aspiring Mathemagicians learn and then practice any of the 20 math tricks while progressively moving to higher levels of proficiency.
InfoLogic, Inc. MathMagic Personal Edition Mac OS X [equation editor, mathml, latex, mathtype, mathematics] MathMagic is an easy-to-use and powerful equation editor. MathMagic helps you write beautiful mathematical equations and scientific symbols quickly and use them in your documents via Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste, in many formats including PICT, PDF, EPS, LaTeX, MediaWiki, MathML, GIF and JPEG. MathMagic also reads various equation formats and math expressions including MathType™ and Microsoft Equation Editor™.
SimpleTouch Software Meditate iPhone [Meditation Timer]

An easy to use meditation timer for iPhone & iPod touch. Preparation time, periodic interval, and cooldown time. Also tracks meditation statistics.

Code Sorcery Workshop Meerkat 5+ Mac OS X [SSH, tunnel, tunneling, port forwarding, VPN, security]

An easy to use SSH tunnel manager built specifically for the Mac.

A perfect marriage of UNIX power with Mac elegance, Meerkat includes innovative features such as application triggers, automatic reconnection on system sleep network change, Growl integration, Bonjour support, command-line and AppleScript integration, and much more.

BravoBug Mega BrickBash 3000 10  Mac OS X [game arcade brick smash levels powerups fun entertainment] Outer-space mayhem! An arcade game for Mac. Smash your way through 100 levels, with 20 brick types and a dozen powerups. Official level editor included.
The Mental Faculty Mental Case 20+ Mac OS X [mac study flashcards flash cards learn] Mental Case is the ultimate study app for Mac and iPhone.

The Mental Faculty Mental Case for iPhone 10+ iPhone [study flashcards flash cards learn] Mental Case is the ultimate study app for Mac and iPhone.
Helium Foot Software MercuryMover 10+ Mac OS X MercuryMover reduces the friction you feel when you use your Mac. With MercuryMover, you can move and resize windows on your Mac from the keyboard, positioning them precisely where you want. By shunning the slow and imprecise mouse, MercuryMover empowers you to work faster and play more.
M Cubed Software Minim 10+ Mac OS X [music management podcast] Minim allows musicians and podcasters to organise their songs and podcasts and all related files, notes and collaborators quickly and easily
Ambrosia Software, Inc. Multiwinia Mac OS X [multiplayer action strategy] A chaotic war is raging in a fantastic fractalized world populated by bloodthirsty little stick men with a mission: follow your orders to annihilate their enemies.
Dejal Narrator 10+ Mac OS X [story, interview, speech] Narrator utilizes speech synthesis to read out the contents of a text document, using different voices for different parts. NetworkLocation 10+ Mac OS X [utilities, network, settings, system] Setup locations to represent the different environments in your life. Customize your Mac to suit each location, and let NetworkLocation do the rest.

The Omni Group OmniFocus Mac OS X OmniFocus helps you quickly capture your thoughts and store, manage, and process them into actionable to-do items. Perfect for the Getting Things Done® system, but flexible enough for any task management style, OmniFocus gives you powerful tools for staying on top of all the things you need to do.
Stunt Software On The Job 5+ Mac OS X [time tracking invoicing billing]
On The Job is a time and expense tracking and invoicing tool for freelance workers, or anyone that needs to track and bill their time.

Like Thought Opacity 10  Mac OS X [graphics editing]

Opacity is an easy to use program for drawing graphics for the screen. It's great for making resolution independent images and icons for applications and the web.

Ginetix Consulting Orb 10+ iPhone [orb iphone ipod touch puzzle game]

Orb is a new kind of puzzle game based around the mysterious Orb.

Orb begins with small starter Orbs and works up to massive expert Orbs with thousands of tiles. All on a spin-able, pinch zoom-able, multi-touch Orb.

Stunt Software Overflow 5+ Mac OS X [Dock Launch]
Overflow is an application designed to quickly launch applications, open documents, or access folders while reducing the number of items needed in your Mac OS X Dock.
SmileOnMyMac PageSender 5+ Mac OS X [fax sending management] Full-featured fax software. Archive and manage received faxes, and automate with AppleScript. Drag-and-drop support for most address books. Filter fax spam.

Positive Spin Media Pandora 10+ Mac OS X The media collector's web spider and search agent for Mac OS X.
TLA Systems Ltd PCalc Mac OS X [rpn, calculator] A fully featured scientific calculator with support for hexadecimal, octal and binary calculations, as well as an RPN mode, parentheses, programmable functions, and an extensive set of unit conversions.
SmileOnMyMac PDFpen 5+ Mac OS X [pdf editing, productivity] Edit PDFs easily! Add text, images and signatures. Make corrections. Fill out PDF forms. Merge, delete and reorder pages.
Acqualia Picturesque Mac OS X [image editor beautifier] Picturesque is an application designed to make images look gorgeous for the web.
Fat Cat Software PlistEdit Pro 10  Mac OS X [plist, preferences]

PlistEdit Pro is an advanced property list editor for Mac OS X. It allows you to edit plist files used for development or for configuring many aspects of an OS X system.

RogueSheep Postage iPhone [iphone photo postcard ecard]

Postage for the iPhone allows you to easily create beautiful electronic postcards from your photos and send them by email to your friends and family. Whether you are traveling, celebrating a holiday, announcing an important life-event or just having fun with your photos, Postage allows you to keep in touch while you are on the go.

Zykloid Software Posterino 10+ Mac OS X [collage, poster, life poster, postcards, greeting cards] With a focus on ease-of-use, Posterino creates life posters, photo collages, frames, postcards, greeting cards and contact sheets from digital images. Posterino does the hard work while users just have to fine tune the results.
Fat Cat Software PowerTunes 10  Mac OS X [itunes, libraries]

PowerTunes allows you to create multiple iTunes libraries, share them among multiple users on a machine, find orphaned music files, fix dead tracks, and much more.

The Dreaming Phone Private Pics 20  iPhone [photo picture private iphone]

Private Pics provides a password protected area to store pictures that you don’t want casual users of your iPhone or iPod to see.

Code Sorcery Workshop Pukka 5+ Mac OS X [Delicious,, bookmarks, bookmarking, search]

Simple. Delicious. Pukka is a richly-featured client for Delicious and compatible social bookmarking services.

Pukka is lightweight, works great with multiple accounts, and features fast, offline search.

CodingMammoth QuickScale 10+ Mac OS X [QuickScale, scaling, batch, mac os x, batching, images, pictures]

Quickscale is designed to let you scale a large amount of pictures to a desired size and format.

Select the images, choose a desired resolution, and Quickscale scales them down for you. QuickScale can read from, and write to almost every format supported by your Mac OS (including jpg, png, gif, and more). QuickScale supports 5 unique scale methods and has extended options.

Realmac Software RapidWeaver 10+ Mac OS X [web design, web, website creation] RapidWeaver is a powerful yet friendly web design application made exclusively for the Mac that allows you to quickly publish beautiful standards-based websites.
IOSPIRIT GmbH Remote Buddy 5+ Mac OS X [apple remote, wii remote, iphone, ipod touch, customization, remote control] The most powerful remote control solution for the Mac®. Control more than 100 applications, virtual keyboard and mouse, presentations, media center software and important system settings right from your iPhone™, iPod® Touch, your Apple® Remote or one of the many other remote controls supported by Remote Buddy!

reQall reQall iPhone, WWW [memory, remember, todo, assistant, forget, productivity and organize.]

reQall is a voice-enabled memory aid that seamlessly integrates your mobile phone, email, text messaging and IM into a powerful organizer, reminder system and productivity assistant. With reQall, you can capture your ideas, tasks and commitments before you forget—wherever you are. The service helps you capture ideas as they emerge, arrive on-time and well-prepared for appointments, share reminders with family and co-workers, retrieve relevant information at the appropriate time, and remember important events such as anniversaries and birthdays.

This application is actually for their "pro" package, which includes the iPhone app and a one year subscription to their web application.

Calf Trail Software, LLC Resistulator iPhone [electronics, resistor, decoder ring] Resistulator is a handy (and handsome!) resistor value calculator for your iPhone or iPod touch.
roobasoft, LLC rooSwitch 5+ Mac OS X [settings, profiles, switch] It's like a multi-user environment for just one application.
Karelia Software Sandvox 10  Mac OS X [web website creator builder webkit] The easy-to-use, award-winning, do-it-yourself web site builder for Mac OS X.
Stand Alone, Inc. Satchel 10+ iPhone [Organize Backpack to do list] Manage your Backpack account (from 37signals' right on your iPhone or iPod touch.

atebits Scribbles 10+ Mac OS X [mac drawing simple] Simple drawing for Mac
Literature & Latte Scrivener 20  Mac OS X [Outline. Edit. Storyboard. Write.]

Scrivener is a word processor and project management tool created specifically for writers of long texts such as novels and research papers.

It has been enthusiastically adopted by writers, academics, journalists, scriptwriters, lawyers, students, playwrights, bloggers, graphic novelists, et cetera.

Stuffed Iggy Software Selenium 5+ Mac OS X [research, bibliography, outline, annotate] By combining a word processor, web browser, outliner and citation manager, Selenium allows you to easily conduct research online and keep track of the information you find.
Kerlmax LLC Sharpshooter 10+ Mac OS X Sharpshooter is a helper utility designed to give you more control over your screenshots. It lets you choose what to do with your shots as you take them.
Dejal Simon (Standard license) 10+ Mac OS X [website, server, monitor, uptime, failure, changes]

The essential site monitoring tool for Mac OS X. It checks servers for changes or failures, and notifies you via email, sound, speech, or other means.

This is a Standard license, enabling up to 20 tests.

Martian Technology, LLC SlingShot 10+ Mac OS X [Sync iTunes Music between two or more macs] Sync iTunes music between two or more Macs
Ambrosia Software, Inc. Snapz Pro X Mac OS X [screen capture movies ] Why take a static screenshot when Snapz Pro X makes creating a movie just as easy? Effortlessly record anything on your screen, saving it as a QuickTime® movie or screenshot.
Freeverse Inc Sound Studio 3 Mac OS X [Sound Studio 3] Sound Studio 3 is an easy-to-use Mac OS X application for recording and editing digital audio on your computer.
Ambrosia Software, Inc. Soundboard [Audio SoundFX Trigger Cart Podcasting library tap DJs board sound]

Soundboard offers instant, one tap access to any audio clips, FX, or music on your Mac for use in podcasting or DJ mashups.

Nimble and elegant, Soundboard combines drag and drop ease with a feature-rich lossless editor to create the ideal platform for live performances.

C-Command Software SpamSieve 10+ Mac OS X [email spam mail junk] Email. Excellent spam filtering tool, works with most mail clients. I'm a huge fan of this app!

Shiny Development Speakapedia 10+ Mac OS X [wikipedia, text to speech] Listen to Wikipedia articles as podcasts on your Mac, iPhone or iPod.
Rainmaker Research Inc. Spell Catcher X Mac OS X [spell, spellcheck, writing, utility, thesaurus]

The ultimate writing tool, for all your apps. Spell checking in 16 languages, shorthand expansions, thesaurus, dictionary definitions, text manipulation and more.

Shirt Pocket SuperDuper! 10+ Mac OS X [backup clone copy time machine recovery]

SuperDuper! - heroic system recovery for mere mortals!

The two time Eddy award winning backup program that creates bootable backups simply, quickly and understandably.

earthlingsoft Symmetries 5+ Mac OS X [graphics, symmetry] Symmetries offers a simple way of creating paths with a rotational symmetry. With just a few options you can easily create a wide range of shapes this way that can be used for graphical work.
Hog Bay Software TaskPaper 5+ Mac OS X [todo, to-do, task, gtd, getting things done, organization, productivity] For Mac users who want an easier way to make lists and stay organized. TaskPaper is a simple to-do list that’s surprisingly adept. Unlike today’s complex organizers, TaskPaper lets you focus on getting things done.
SmileOnMyMac TextExpander 5+ Mac OS X [text expander, productivity, typing shortcuts] The typing shortcut utility that saves time and keystrokes. Supports rich text formatting, images and script snippets, too.

Potion Factory The Hit List 10  Mac OS X [task todo gtd outline] The Hit List is a simple, yet sophisticated application to manage the daily chaos of your modern life. Based on the simple concept of making lists, The Hit List lets you plan, forget, then act when the time is right.
Cultured Code Things 5+ Mac OS X [to do, to-do, task, gtd]

Organize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Things combines powerful features with simplicity. Together with a beautiful user interface, Things makes task management both easy and fun.

Netopia, Inc. Timbuktu Pro Mac OS X [remote control]

Twin Pack

For almost two decades, Timbuktu® Pro has been the standard for remote control on Macs. Its simple to set up, has a friendly user interface, and lots of security options. See the web site for more on what it does besides remote control. (Note from Seth: I use TB2, VNC, Apple Remote Desktop, and various others. TB2 is still my favorite.)

Note that this is a twin-pack: enough for two different machines.

MacMation TimeBoxed 20+ Mac OS X [timer, gtd, productivity]

A timer to help you be more productive.

Very light user interface that won't disturb you and will let you focus. Many alerts type to let you know that time is up.

Sophiestication Software Tipulator 25+ iPhone [Tip Calculator]

Take the guesswork out of restaurant tipping. Enter the bill amount, select a percentage, and Tipulator will calculate the tip. And it’ll split the check among friends.

Use Tipulator with your iPhone or iPod touch the next time you go out to dinner. Your dining partners will be curiously fascinated with your cute new tip calculator.

Koolistov TrashTalk 25  iPhone

Frustrated?! Get rid of your anger by writing down your frustrations... Now doesn't that feel good?

App Cubby Trip Cubby 25  iPhone [iPhone, Mileage Log, Tax Deduction] Mileage log made simple. Trip Cubby is a polished, full featured app -- essential for anyone who needs to track mileage for tax deduction or reimbursement.

Green Arrow Software Tripometer Mileage Log 40  iPhone [mileage log expenses expense report tax deduction] Tripometer is a mileage tracker for iPhone and iPod Touch. Use it to keep track of your vehicle travel to help with expense reports or tax filing.
Felt Tip Inc. Tuna Pitch chromatic tuner 10+ iPhone [guitar, tuner, music, chromatic] A chromatic tuner and pitch pipe for your musical instrument (guitar, bass, cello, viola, etc). The tuner works with the built-in microphone on the iPhone, and with any audio that comes in from an external source, such as the microphone on a headset, on the iPhone and iPod touch second generation. The built-in pitch pipe lets you play a reference tone for tuning by ear. 
atebits Tweetie for iPhone 10  iPhone [tweetie twitter client iphone] Fast, full-featured Twitter client for iPhone.
atebits Tweetie for Mac 10+ Mac OS X [tweetie twitter client mac] Simple yet powerful Twitter client for Mac.
The Iconfactory Twitterrific for iPhone iPhone Twitterrific is the iPhone's premiere app for reading and posting to the Twitter social network. The software has been designed to provide ease of use and a wide range of features while sporting one of the most elegant user interfaces available.

The Iconfactory Twitterrific for Mac Mac OS X Twitterrific is a fun little application that lets you keep track of your friends on the Twitter community website. Read and post "tweets" that keep everyone up-to-date.
Orbicule Undercover Mac OS X [theft, recovery, lost, stolen ] If your credit card gets stolen, police can track it down by finding out where the thieves use it. Undercover does the same thing for Macs. If your machine is stolen, the system transmits its Internet location, takes pictures of the thief and screenshots of what he's doing.
PencilPoint Software US State Quarters iPhone US State Quarters collection app, with oversized coin images, quarter design details, Denver and Philadelphia checklists, and mini-games.
Vegas Media Group Vegas Mate iPhone [vegas lasvegas travel] Vegas Mate for iPhone is a location-aware electronic city guide for Las Vegas, NV.
tinkerbuilt Vehicle Logbook 10  iPhone [MPG gas fuel maintenance service car drive] Vehicle Logbook is a beautifully designed and easy to use iPhone app that helps you keep track of fuel mileage and maintenance for your cars, trucks and other vehicles.
Click On Tyler VirtualHostX 10+ Mac OS X VirtualHostX 2.0 is the easiest way to host multiple websites on your Mac. It’s the perfect solution for web designers working on more than one project at a time. With VirtualHostX you can easily create and manage Apache virtual hosts with just a few clicks

Global Delight Voila screen capture 10+ Mac OS X [screen capture, web capture, image editing]

Voila is your complete capturing solution, allowing you to capture, annotate, organize, and share screen captures from virtually ANY source! Capture full screen games, multiple windows, webpages, webcam inputs, and much more.

Flying Meat VoodooPad Mac OS X

VoodooPad is a place to write down your notes and thoughts. Plant ideas, images, lists and anything else you need to keep track of and VoodooPad will grow with you, without getting in the way. You can even drag and drop folders, images, applications, or URLs into VoodooPad — they're linked up just like on the web. And with powerful search, nothing will be lost or out of reach.

Koolistov Walkie Talkie 25  iPhone

Use your iPhone as a walkietalkie! Connect and talk to others in your vicinity. Static white noise not included! Instead, clear and crisp sound only! Talk as long as you want, with as many people as you want...

Manolo's Apps Wallpaper Sticky Notes 10  iPhone Have you ever wanted to use your iPhone's or iPod touch's Wallpaper as a note keeper? With Wallpaper Sticky Notes now you can!
Bare Bones Software, Inc. WeatherCal 10+ Mac OS X [weathercal ical weather calendar] WeatherCal puts the weather forecast in iCal and keeps it up to date, up to five days in advance.

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