PMC Software Charity Fundraiser

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Build a Mac Software Bundle, and Help Fight Cancer!

Done For The Year

Our goal this year was $10,000, but we raised just about $22,000 !!

Thanks everybody! We'll be back in 2010, bigger and better.

In case that wasn't clear: We are no longer accepting bundle offers.

  1. Click app icons to add them to your bundle. (Click again to remove.)

  2. Scroll to the bottom, put in how much you're willing to pay, and click the "Click Here When Finished" button

  3. Copy the bundle's text and send it in email.
    Be generous. This is for the pmc, a cancer charity. (Lowball offers will be rejected.)

  4. Patience! You will have to wait a little to hear back from me about your offer. This may take a day or two. All reasonable offers get a response.

  5. After we agree on a price, pay for your bundle by making a donation to the Pan-Mass Challenge in my name.
    (Do not pay for your bundle until AFTER I write back to confirm your deal.)

  6. Send me a copy of your receipt as proof of the donation.

  7. I register all of your apps in your name, and send you a download link for the entire bundle.

Updates on the project are announced on the news page and on twitter.

Do you make mac software? Want to donate some? See this page.

Your bundle will contain the following products:

        Retail value: $0.00
        (We may end up negotiating a price, just start with an offer that you think is fair. Remember this is 100% for charity.

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