PMC Software Charity Fundraiser

What Is This?

This is me, Seth Dillingham

PMC July 31st through August 2nd (Friday - Sunday), I'll be riding my bike across the state of Massachusetts in the pmc, along with about 5000 other riders. Riding the bike for 300 miles is the easy part. The real challenge is meeting my $10,000 goal for this cancer-care-and-treatment charity.

Especially this year. Charities all over the world, including the PMC, lowered their expectations this year.

If you want to know more about the ride, or my participation in it, start here or even try the pmc channel on the journal.

This is the fourth year I've done these software “auctions” for this charity.

Almost all of my fundraising is accomplished through selling these bundles.

I need hundreds of donations in order to meet my goal this year.

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